Vesti Partners Western Union to ease global reach and fulfillment

Western Union is a global leader in payments and is the second largest money transfer organization in the world. We are happy to inform you that as part of our efforts to engender trust and serve you better, we have now completed our certification and partnership as an account holder with Western Union Global.

What does this mean for our users?

✅What this means is that Vesti is recognized by the leaders in Money transfer, as a legitimate last mile service provider that will make access to its services reachable to all and sundry

✅We partnered with Western Union to ensure we can support you with international payments such as WES, SEVIS and University tuition among other migration related payments that Vesti allows you to pay for

✅We believe strongly that as we continue to provide this sort of access through global channels like western union to your destinations of choice, be it government, businesses, educational institutions, or other global providers, within and outside the Vesti network, you are one step closer to global mobility goals.

✅This partnership also enables our services to be streamlined as we can focus on global service delivery and customer support while relying on the network infrastructure provided by partners like Western Union.

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