NEW: Get more out of Vesti, upgrade your membership


Today we went live with Member Area, a feature that will be home to many more community benefits of being a Vesti User. Although more than 150 people are in the exclusive support groups and many more have taken IELTS and French classes with our provider partners, many of them joined before we launched Vesti. Now from within the Web app 9coming to mobile soon), you can upgrade your membership and get a ton of benefits. 

To get more than just the benefits of a standard membership and become a “Serious Mover” – Exclusive or a “Quick Mover” – Platinum. 

Fig2. Exclusive user benefits (Monthly and Annual plan available)

Fig3. Platinum user benefits (Monthly and Annual Plan available)

When you choose a plan, all you need to do is simply enter your transaction PIN and you will be subscribed.

Log In on Web to learn more.

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